Dr. Doom • Redesign

Tony Sedani back again for another redesign.  Jesse Munoz, so casually requested me to redesign Dr. Doom.  Oh that sounds easy!  Wait, what!?  The Kirby creation of Doom!  It’s impossible.  Kirby is  King of Comics, how can I even attempt?  Well I did.  I personally think that Dr. Doom is one of those characters who’s look is so damn iconic that it’s hard to improve on it.  I took this challenge as if someone asked me to design a character with his characteristics.  I felt I needed to take away the mask to set myself apart.  I wanted a terminator look part machine part man. Obsessed with his look, he goes to far into trying to fix himself that he becomes a horrific monster.  I left the classic green cape to tie it to classic Doom. I wanted to keep my doom scary looking, you could drape his face in shadows alot and have the red eye glowing through.