Sunday in Rander • 75th Edition Spectacular!

Hey everyone, welcome to a very special edition of Sunday in Rander!  It feels like yesterday I posted Edition #1 with the first look at Issue #1.  Well, since I have been giving everyone a little bit here and there of issue #4, here is the finished cover!

Just like the past 2 issues, the very talented Jesse Munoz from Stockpile Comics colored my cover yet again!  He does such a great job, and always goes in the direction I am thinking.  I wanted to make an homage to Frank Frazetta’s Epic Conan Cover, and make the smoke coming from the body stacks the face of the Matador.  This cover has symbolism in that it represents the bodies brought to the feet of our savior from the Matador.   I am very happy with this cover, as it was the 3rd version that I came up with, and so happy I kept pushing myself with different ideas.  As for the rest of issue #4, it is on track to be released on Halloween next month!  The book is officially going to be a 44 page comic (double sized!). And it will still only retail at 3.99 which is a god damned bargain!

Thanks for showing up again, see you next time!

RR4 Cover