Every once in a while I have to draw Godzilla. That is all.


My 50 Favorite Flicks • #31

Coming in at #31 is a pressense in film that is God-like…

Godzilla (1954)
Ok, this is going to be the only time on this list that I have a film represent more than one film.  A lot of people like to log the entire Star Wars or Back to the Future Trilogy as 1 spot, but me, I don’t do that.  However, with Godzilla, I have to use the original film to represent the greatness and vast catalogue he has in cinema.  So as classic and great as the original 1954 masterpiece is, I want to represent all the rest of the greats such as Mothra vs Godzilla, Godzilla vs Destroyah, Terror of Mechagodzilla, Destroy all Monsters, Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah and even the new Godzilla (2014). He is a character that is very important to me, and as much as I love these films, I log them in the #31 spot because they aren’t technically top notch.  I wish there were a way to type Godzilla’s roar…