My 50 Favorite Flicks • #48

Up next on my top 50 countdown is my pick for #48.

Casino Royale (2006)

I have always loved the James Bond character.  I have seen every single 007 film, and must say that my favorite iteration of James Bond is Daniel Craig.  This film brought the series to a more realistic and brutal tone.  I dig the plot that wasn’t outrageous and had a killer opening.  There are a lot of great little easter eggs thrown in the movie to satisfy all levels of Bond fandom.

Craig is a tough person to catch a likeness for, so I did my best in the time allotted.


Into the final month of 2012. But the art just won’t stop!  This month I have picked some of my fav movies to make art from.  In the midst of watching all the Bond movies in order, this comes from my favorite scenes from the latest 007; Skyfall.   I was blown away by the visual direction that this movie took.  Moreso than any other Bond movie that I have seen, it really works hard to make sure it’s not only action packed but visually interesting.  Sam Mendes really brought a good pacing to the franchise, and created a lot of suspense and tension.

I didn’t actually make this on a sketch card, but drew it in my sketch book and inked it with copic pens and used a few light blues to make that nice jellyfish image in the background.  I just created this pose from imagination hoping it represents the awsome fight that I did see.  Go check out Skyfall before it leaves theatres.

~Tony Sedani