Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! One of my favorite holidays! This year I want to share a battle between some of my favorite characters. Done for an online competition!  Own the original in my store^^^.


Stocktober 3-D! Fully Colored Slashers!

Hey all, I decided to color the 4 slashers in!  They are all on the same artboard and I colored them with Copic Sketch markers. Thanks for following along all month with me as I had a blast!


If you are interested in owning this 11 x 17″ original piece of art, send me a message.



Stocktober 3-D! Leatherface

Tony here to give you a frightful villain. Leatherface of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.  The original is by far the scariest movie in my opinion.  Watch it on VHS to maintain the gritty feeling.  Something about Leatherface just being a normal overweight dude who likes to chop people up is just chilling.  You can find Leatherface in 3-D in Texas Chainsaw 3-D (2011).  After the 3D art you can see my original inks underneath.




Leatherface • Stock*tober

Tony Sedani up at bat again!  My next choice for Stock*tober was Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

(To my surprise Joel and I actually made a card exactly the same!)

This movie still creeps the hell out of me everytime I watch it.  I have seen it numerous times, and it never gets easier to watch. Right from the beginning the film almost makes you think this is a true story by intro by John Larraquette.  It literally feels like you are watching a home movie since the film quality and audio wasn’t so great as I mentioned in my Excorcist post.  Again, the movies that scare me the most are the ones that can actually happen.  And this is horribly possible! I buy that there are families out there right now capable of doing this and probably have. This card is from the end scene when Leatherface chases their captive girl from their house as she tries to escape.  A very suspenseful scene ending in such a realistic series of screams from the girl.  Chilling Movie to say the lest.  Later remakes and prequels of remakes and prequels to prequels are all garbage and will never re capture the original’s horror.