Another one of my favorite films of 2012 is The Grey.  I missed this one in the theaters because I judged this “book” by it’s “cover”.  I assumed it was going to be a cliche action movie with over the top sequences, a pale story and uninteresting characters with a predictable ending.  I was wrong, dead wrong.  I recently picked it up on Blu Ray a few months back and watched it blindly and absolutely loved it.  The message of the movie is what moved me.  I was literally glued to the screen the entire length of the movie, due to the intense suspense, interesting character stories, and amazing visuals.  The soundtrack also adds immensely to the experience. The end nearly brought me to tears as we get a very artistic ending.  Look for this sleeper to be in my top 2 of the year!

This was drawn traditional and colored digitally.

~Tony Sedani