Munchkin Man-Gull

Along with my Return to Rander custom Munchkin cards, I had to have a monster in the deck that was… nearly unstoppable, relentless and strong enough to rip the arms off a man. I give you the Man-Gull Munchkin card. No dungeon is safe when Man-Gull lurks in one of the rooms! Make sure you read Man-Gull by my buddy Rian Miller.  Go to and pick up a copy.



Man-Gull • Stock*Pile Sketch

Up next on my Stock*Pile Sketch week… K Rian Miller’s Man-Gull.  If you can’t understand the premise from this image, then this book isn’t for you.  Just kidding, this book is for everyone, go to and get a copy!  Let’s bug Rian to make sure he get’s issue 2 done for SPX2012!