Iron Fist Sketch Cover Boston Con

So this past weekend was my fourth Boston Comic Con showcasing my work.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a sketch cover for King Mega Trip this year.  He wanted Iron Fist, so I delivered an old school Iron Fist.  I took pictures as I created it so you can see the process! Done with ink brushes and copic markers.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3

Omega Red • Redesign

Even on my birthday, I still don’t stop making art.  So I was given the tough job of redesigning Omega Red by Joel Lolar. Because he picked my name out of a hat!  Well, I wasn’t too sure how to tackle a Jim Lee 90’s era designed character.  They are so over the top in their designs back then, that I went in a new direction of simplicity.  Omega Red is essentially a zombie turned killing machine. I gave him a Russian influenced coat, boots, and headband. I decided to make his adamantium tentacles come from his palms, as I feel that gives more accuracy when ejecting them.  Yes, they do have lubrication or they would sound terrible when flailing all around. I removed Omega Red’s nose, as that is one of the first things to decay when you die.  The real feeling of my redesign is best seen in the small illustration of him standing with the tentacle peeking out from the big coat.  I thought he would be way more threatening this way.   I had to keep his blonde hair, but decided to make it dread-lock style, but surgically attached to keep his head skin together, as you can see it coming under the head as well.

So, hopefully the big coat idea is well received, as I feel like too many times villains just get super muscular bodies with spandex. Here’s to jackets and coats of all kinds!


omega sketches

The Whizzer • Redesign

So, Mr. Kansas decided he had to see “The Whizzer” redesigned.  I did some research on this obscurity, and found that he is basically just a really really fast runner like The Flash, but creates cyclones and wahtnot.  The best part about his origin is that he got these powers after being injeected with Mongoose blood. Yes Mongoose blood.

I realized that I can’t give that “real world” spin on The Whizzer, that is impossible.  So i decided to spruce his look up a bit.  Give him a new color combination, and hell give him a mustache.  I worked the design of the new simple suit to have a built in W that hopefully isn’t too annoying and obvious.  I gave him  some specialty boots that can help with the running around. Also, his skin tone has been darkened compared to his cracker white skin before. But lets be honest, the mustache is what’s winning here.

The Whizzer redesign