Sunday in Rander • 108th Edition

Welcome back to Sunday in Rander! This week I bring you a new mini-strip!  I love doing these 1 page quickies. They are challenging to fit a small idea or story into just 9 panels, and it also brings more insight into characters that I can’t get to in the main storyline.  The one I bring to you this week is about a brand new character to Return to Rander. He will debut in Book 2 (THE BLOOD ISLE). Enjoy!

RR BI mini 1

Sunday in Rander • Episode 30

Happy Sunday!  Another week, another post of content for Return to Rander!  As of right now you can search for issue #1 on comixology and get it for just .99 cents!  What follows is another mini-comic giving some insite into a character from issue #1!  Boston Comic Con is just 12 days away!  I will have plenty of issue #1 to sell!

mini strip 4