Monster Monday 5

Week 5 in my Monster Monday celebration for Halloween!  This week I give you the elusive Sasquatch!  I am infatuated with the Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  If I had to bet, there isn’t one out there, but I would love to be surprised!  Sometimes I think that unsolved conspiracies are more fun than if they were found to be true!  But regardless, you can find this piece in my Monsters Monsters Monsters artbook available in my store up there^^^.


Monsters Monsters Monsters Cover!

I realized I never actually posted the cover to my gross Monsters Monsters Monsters book.  So here is the cover.  The actual physical book has a cut out door way, so when you open the cover, the inside page has the expanded art of the monster.  Can you guess where the inspiration for him came from?  If you dare to purchase this book, check out my online store.

monsters cover

Get Trashed

Happy Birthday to ME!  I decided to share a piece from my “Monsters Monsters Monsters” Book.  Here is the trash monster that I created.  He is made up of all the things we don’t want. And he will have his vengeance!  If you dig this, you might dig my book, so buy it HERE!