Sunday in Rander • 44th Edition

Not much to report art wise lately.  I am in the beginning stages of creating Issue #3, and hoping to have it finished for Free Comic Day in May.  I am in the process of buying a house, so extra time is hard to find to create other drawings other than issue #3.  I got nostalgic the other day when all the new gaming systems debuted. I miss the old days of picking up a brand new system and plugging and playing it into a tube tv.  Nowadays you need to update the firmware, update the games, connect to the network…  Takes the magic out of it!  Anyway, if you need something to do, play the Return to Rander NES game that was released long ago!  😉

8bit rander game

Sunday in Rander • Episode 10 (Super Return to Rander for the NES)

Here is a little 8-bit Rander!  After seeing wreck it ralph last week, and replaying scott pilgrim game, I really wanted to make a Rander 8 bit version, added a mario 2 background and an 8 bit snake in here and this is what we get.  As far as Issue 1 goes, it is coming close to completion for next month.  That’s all for this week, see you next time Rander fans!