Sunday in Rander • 141st Edition

As promised, this week I am sharing with you the finished product of the Return to Rander trading cards that will be part of the Stockpile Comics trading card series 1 set. Look for them in the upcoming con season!

Sunday in Rander • 136th Edition

Another week gone by, another week of doing post production on Return to Rander. Right now I am currently doing grayscale tones on the final chapter of the story.  Here is a preview at one of the pages in production. No letters, but looks like our Lone Savior is heading somewhere!

Until next time!

Sunday in Rander • 131st Edition

Welcome to a new Sunday in Rander. This week I bring to you some exciting news.  In the new upcoming 300 page book will be lots of new content, and some of which will be artwork from my fellow stock*piler and lifelong friend Joel Lolar.  Joel is best known for Forever Winter his ongoing comic which you can read for FREE at our online store at!  Joel will be illustrating a 5 page short story that I wrote and I couldn’t be more excited to see how it turns out. I have some preview shots of pencils on the pages to tease this bad boy up a bit. If you don’t already know, Joel is by far the best background artist I have seen. He puts in more refrence in his surroundings than most put into drawing thier pages.  This brings a sense of realism to all his work because it doens’t just look accurate, it looks like you’ve been in a place like that before. It’s all in the small details.

I’m sure once this gets closer to completion, I will make a new Sunday in Rander post showcasing a montage of panels to tease it.

Thanks again Joel.

Sunday in Rander • 125th Episode

For a special celebration of 125 episodes of Sunday in Rander, I bring you a new MINI COMIC!  What’s special about this one, is that it features a fan favorite. The Matador!
Of course, this takes place before the events of the Graphic Novel.

Stay tuned in the next few months on new Rander news and content.

Sunday in Rander • 121st Edition

We’re back!  This special Sunday I wanted to let you know there is NEW Return to Rander coming out very very soon!  While I am (slowly) working on the second issue of Return to Rander The Blood Isle (technically the 6th overall issue) I decided I wanted to tell a short story I had sitting in my word processing program. It will be a 12 page mini comic with a short print run.  Very short. Like 100 issues short.  This issue takes place immediately before Return to Rander #1 which is a fun little tidbit. I will start selling them at Heroes Con in Charlotte NC this June.  Also, they will be FREE with a purchase of the RR Graphic Novel which is a great deal!

Here is the cover to the new mini-comic.  It is printed on Ivory Paper, so the colors change a lot from what you see here.

Sunday in Rander • 114th Edition

Happy New Year Rander fans!  It’s a special week on Sunday in Rander as I bring to you the cover of Blood Isle Issue #1. This is just the inks at the moment with some added toning.  This is the final piece of art that is needed to complete the issue. I am awaiting on some great bonus content from a few creators and then the book will be assembled and be ready for a spring release. I am looking to release it on April 1st, exactly 3 years after the first issue of Return to Rander: The Lone Savior #1.   Thanks for stopping by, I have a lot of exciting things happening in 2016 so stay tuned.



Sunday in Rander • 108th Edition

Welcome back to Sunday in Rander! This week I bring you a new mini-strip!  I love doing these 1 page quickies. They are challenging to fit a small idea or story into just 9 panels, and it also brings more insight into characters that I can’t get to in the main storyline.  The one I bring to you this week is about a brand new character to Return to Rander. He will debut in Book 2 (THE BLOOD ISLE). Enjoy!

RR BI mini 1

Sunday in Rander • 96th Edition


Here is the cover to the 220 page Return to Rander Volume  1 Graphic Novel!

I wanted to keep the cover nice and clean, and leave the messy violent bloody shit for the inside!

What do y’all think?

It will be debuting very soon, so get ready!



Sunday in Rander • 82nd Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Rander filled week! Issue 4 is now available in my online store at at New England Comics on and will be available at Rhode Island Comic Con this coming weekend! The reception has been good on issue #4, and people are already asking for issue 5. I am going to take a little break to write and work on a collected book of Return to Rander and come back in 2015 with some new stuff. As for new stuff this week, I wanted to share with you an awesome piece of physical fan art of The Lone Savior from Return to Rander! Done with Perler Beads by Glenn a fellow gamer at NEC. He is very talented with these pieces he does. Follow his creations over on twitter @callowbrodie.

Please come by my booth at Rhode Island Con in Providence this weekend, I will have issues for sale, art for sale, prints for sale. Take care!


Sunday in Rander • 80th Edition

Welcome back to Sunday in Rander folks!  A few things!

Return to Rander 4 is up for preorder in my new online store! It will ship on October 26th.  The first 50 people to buy RR#4 will recieve a Map of the Five Points as I posted a month ago. Also, next week RR#4 will be on comixology digitally if you prefer to read comics on your tablet.  And RR#4 will be in comic shops in the boston area on Wednesday Oct 28th.  Thanks again for the support and see you next week! I leave you with a panel from the new issue…

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 7.09.46 AM

Sunday in Rander • 69th Edition

This week on Sunday in Rander. I bring something back!  Mini Comics!  Here is another short strip in the universe of Rander. This one actually centers on Blane, and when he was younger.  He was part of a group of do-gooders, who kept peace and justice in the five points.  I named the other three after my Stock*Pile Friends.  Sorry guys, but your fate has been sealed. This strip also features Hartter the bartender!  I think I might do one more mini comic before I stop for a while.

Blane Strip


Sunday in Rander • 44th Edition

Not much to report art wise lately.  I am in the beginning stages of creating Issue #3, and hoping to have it finished for Free Comic Day in May.  I am in the process of buying a house, so extra time is hard to find to create other drawings other than issue #3.  I got nostalgic the other day when all the new gaming systems debuted. I miss the old days of picking up a brand new system and plugging and playing it into a tube tv.  Nowadays you need to update the firmware, update the games, connect to the network…  Takes the magic out of it!  Anyway, if you need something to do, play the Return to Rander NES game that was released long ago!  😉

8bit rander game

Sunday in Rander • Episode 36

So. Return to Rander issue 2 is officially in post production. All the artwork is complete. I did have something to post today, but my computer is in the shop and I have no access to the files on it. So I snapped a picture of a recent panel I worked on. It isn’t much. But I will make it up to you all next week! Happy Labor Day!


Return to Rander Launch!


Better late than never!  Because of the tragic events that happened in Boston in April the Launch Party for Flutter, Boots & Pup, The Devil & Jack O’Brien, and Return to Rander #1 had been delayed.  The new date for the party is this Saturday June 8th!  The party will be at “Lir” in Boston (903 Boylston St. • Boston) at 7:30pm.  It is free admission with some light food to fill your tummies.

I will be offering copies of Return to Rander #1 at $2.99 with a limited amount coming with a free 8 x 10 print of the leftover kickstarter stretch goal prints. The 11 x 17″ color print, as well as some other free goodies.

So please come down and support independent massachusetts comics and have a good time!

Sunday in Rander • Episode 2

Well it’s Sunday already, and I got quite a bit done this past week.  I am currently working on page 10 & 11!  This week i share with you our hero’s first appearance in the book!  He is the nameless man character you will grow to love.  I will try to share things that won’t give too much away in terms of the story.  And keep them out of context.