Sunday in Rander • 97th Edition

Welcome to another Sunday in Rander. Aside from shoveling mounds and mounds of snow, I am trying to work on pages for Return to Rander The Blood Isle.  Also, finishing up the final touches on the Return to Rander The Lone Savior Graphic Novel. This week, I bring to you my new favorite piece of original art.  I did a small print run for the kickstarter of Return to Rander issue 1 Blank Cover. Well I still have a few leftover, and asked my buddies to whip one together for me.  How cool is this!?  Joe Dax drew Blane, Jesse Munoz drew Matador, Joel Lolar drew Skull guy homaging Joe Mad’s Uncanny Cover, and Rian Miller drew The Lone Savior.  Great job guys, it sits nicely on my wall framed.


Iron Fist Sketch Cover Boston Con

So this past weekend was my fourth Boston Comic Con showcasing my work.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a sketch cover for King Mega Trip this year.  He wanted Iron Fist, so I delivered an old school Iron Fist.  I took pictures as I created it so you can see the process! Done with ink brushes and copic markers.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3

Walking Dead Sketch Cover

Hey all, I am sure many of you know that Boston Comic Con was postponed.  Fortunately, I was able to hang out with some of my favorite and talented friends.  During this extra free time, I made this sketch cover of Walking Dead #109.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

wd sketch cover

Sketch Covers!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of actual art posts this month. The kickstarter campaign has really consumed a lot of my time as of late.  The first issue of Return to Rander has officially 100% Funded, and has been sent to the printers.  This is great news because #1 I will be able to start shipping orders on April 1st.  And since I will have the books in posession people can start ordering from my online store on April 3rd.  I have already received the small run of sketch cover issues and have been drawing the full color sketches on them for the $50 reward. So please enjoy and if you want one for yourself, visit the kickstarter!


Spider-man Sketch Cover by ME!

Yes, I am addicted to doing these comic book sketch covers.  I recently pullled out the ones that I have bought in the past and started thinking of what I can draw on em.  This was Amazing Spider-Man #648.  As per usual, I inked with copic tech pen, and colored with my copic sketch markers.  As you can see I posted progress pictures again, and will list this on ebay, unless anyone out there wants to buy it within the next few days!

spidey1spidey2 spidey3 spidey4 spidey5