Part 2 of the Skin Deep series by Rian Miller and Myself has just arrived from the printers.  Another 40 page issue that is ready to disgust all of you awaits your purchase at Heroes Comic Con in just one week!  It will be for sale online shortly after. Cover done by Rian Miller, colors by Jesse Munoz. Interiors by Tony Sedani.


Skin Deep #1 is almost here!

We are getting close to the release of Skin Deep #1, the new comic by myself and Rian Miller.  Boston Comic Con we will both be in attendance signing copies and anwsering all of your questions about the book! Here is another panel from the book.

Screen shot 2016-06-29 at 11.31.06 AM

Skin Deep is coming!

I have been pretty slow at posting things on my blog lately, and there is a reason for it.  SKIN DEEP!  I have been hard at work finishing off all 38 pages of story for the upcoming first issue!  Finally, it’s done. I plan on sharing some more snippets of art from the book as the weeks come.  Here is a teaser image for the back of the book. Prepare to lose your lunch!

Screen shot 2016-06-29 at 11.15.37 AM