My 50 Favorite Flicks • #15

Going the distance to #15…

Rocky (1976)
Heart, Soul, Muscle.  That is Rocky. What a damn great movie this is.  So many interesting characters. Pauly, Adrienne, Micky, Rocky, Apollo, Cuff and Link!  Rocky is just a brute with a heart of gold in this film and wants to prove it to himself and everyone that he has what it takes to be something.  The fact that he loses, but celebrates going the distance with the champ is just a piece of storytelling that we don’t have nowadays.  The following sequals lost the charm, but were still extremely enjoyable. It wasn’t until Rocky Balboa did I feel like the real Rocky character returned.


If there was one thing I actually liked about the Matrix Reloaded, it was the marketing posters.  I really loved the idea of not showing the heads of the characters.  I don’t know if it is because we all know who these people are, or we are curious to see more of the character. Not sure what makes me love the cropping of it so much. But this is what I decided to do for this piece.  Based on another enjoyable movie of 2012 was The Expendables 2.  It will definitely not be making my top 10 list of the year, but I will always enjoy seeing my action stars of yesteryear shoot stuff on the big screen.  I drew this and colored it digitally.

~Tony Sedani