Sunday in Rander • 98th Edition

Sticker time!  Every year I try and have a new sticker to give out at all the shows I do.  I always want something new and exciting, and this year I collaborated with a buddy of mine Mike Hseuh to come up with 2015’s sticker!  I am real excited to bring a grittier feel to the givewaway and think it will compliment the Graphic Novel niceley!  If you want one come see me at a show! Or every purchase on my store ^^^ will get one as always!  See you next week for the “Wayne Gretsky” of posts!

Sunday in Rander • Episode 25

Episode 25 of Sunday in Rander is here.  With this week’s episode I give you the new sticker that will be available at my con booths for the rest of the year.  It will be die cut and sticky on the back so you can stick it on your favorite book!  Issue #2 is on it’s way to a 2013 completion!  I will share some artwork directly from the book soon.  Till next week…