Memoirs of the Mysterious

Hey guys, happy Friday, my favorite weekly  holiday!  Here is another page from the story I illustrated “Thy will be Done” written by Mick Schubert.  The full kickstarter book should be available this weekend!  After that, I know it will be available to purchase from those who missed out on the KS campaign.  As before, this is just the artwork, and if you want to read it, you will need to buy it.

Thy Will Be Done Page 2

Thy Will Be Done Comic

Thy Will Be Done Page 1

Happy New Year!  I have been MIA for a month now, and there are reasons.

1. I bought a new house!  And with that, came lots of moving and lots of packing and unpacking.  I finally have my new studio set up, and back to work.

2. Is I had a vacation where I couldn’t really work on much art.

3. I have been secretly working on Return to Rander Issue #3 and have a really tight deadline of May 5th to debut it!

Well here is a page from the comic anthology entitled “Memoirs of the Mysterious”  This is the from the short story “Thy Will Be Done” Written by Mick Schubert.  I decided to keep the text off so that you have to go buy the comic to know what’s going on.  I will continue to post the rest of the pages over the next month or two.

Also, look to see Sundays in Rander start back up this week, and also a few other projects I am working on!  Here’s to 2014 being a creative year!