If you read the comics, then you know that one of the latest Walking Dead deaths was Lucille (the bat). This is my tribute to her…  Good bye my love!

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The Walking Dead • Michonne

Halloween is just a day away! I am excited to get my costume on and hand out candy in my new neighborhood! For Halloween, here is a Walking Dead piece of art.  Everyone’s favorite samurai sword wielding, zombie beheading badass, Michonne! Done with pen and ink, and then colored digitally.



Walking Dead Sketch Cover Redux

So Walking Dead 115 came out with a blank cover.  And I just can’t resist putting some art on it!  So here is Rick fighting a random zombie.  I tried to make it gross with blood and stuff coming out of the mouth!  As per usual, it was done with Copic Pens and Markers. Happy Halloween!

walkingdead 115

Walking Dead Sketch Cover

Hey all, I am sure many of you know that Boston Comic Con was postponed.  Fortunately, I was able to hang out with some of my favorite and talented friends.  During this extra free time, I made this sketch cover of Walking Dead #109.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

wd sketch cover