Sunday in Rander • 118th Edition

Hey Rander fans. This week on Sunday in Rander I wanted to have some fun!  If there were to be a movie or TV show made of Return to Rander who would be cast?  Well, I had some fun casting some of my favorite actors currently.  Let me know what you think, or who you would pick in the comments below! And if anyone with some good photo skills wants to make a fake teaser poster with these actors, by all means please do so!



2 thoughts on “Sunday in Rander • 118th Edition

  1. I’ve given this some thought, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

    The Lone Savior – Karl Urban (Maybe because you never see the top of his face in Dredd either?)
    The Matador – Michael Wincott (If he’s wearing a full face mask, he should have a good voice to go with it.)
    Layla – Ana De Armas
    Blane – Viggo Mortenson
    Jameson – Mike Epps
    Ford – Sharlto Copley
    Father – Terry O’Quinn
    Brim – Dave Bautista

  2. Thanks for posting man!
    Karl Urban could totally work, he has shown that he can not show his face and be a great actor.

    I love your Viggo Mortenson and Terry O Quinn picks.

    Michael Wincott is interesting as his role as Top Dollar in The Crow is partially an inspiration for The Matador!

    And I missed the mark on Dave Bautista being Brim, nice one!

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